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Blair # Posted on August 14, 2016 at 3:43 pm

Hi Doug

Oh buggar, that is a bit of a problem.

I have a similar experience, but I have a Jawa 175 barrel (I am pretty sure) on my 502 engine.  The single exhaust port come out pointing to the left a bit… whereas the 502 barrel should have the port pointing directly forward.

All 502 Nzetas have the exhaust mounted on the left, but 502 Cezeta’s were still on the right.

I made a header to fit mine and had to avoid the side stand, kickstarter and gear linkage.. was not the easiest thing but is done.  You may be able to do something similar, I ended up routing the header between the engine and behind the side stand bracket.. which is not as big as the 501 stand bracket.

501’s are twin exhaust and come out on angles right and left of centre… so no a 501 header will not work even if you cut off the barrel fittings of the 502 one and weld on the correct flanges.

The header diameter is smaller on the 501 as well.. cannot remember the sizing but is around 4-6 mm less I think.

Might be easier to make a header than cut and weld a new side stand setup, especially if you are already painted?

If you end up selling your 502 exhaust, I’d buy it off you if you like.