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nzeta_mike # Posted on October 24, 2016 at 8:39 am

Hi Douglas.


Your Nzeta looks great and teething problems are par for the course. Nothing major by the sounds of it.


Your gears are in the correct order, for first you should be pressing down on the front and the back to change up. Only the poms did it the other way around.


The hard starting could be a number of things, but I’d be starting with ignition timing. On your video your engine the engine seemed fairly flat at low rpm, that would definitely point me in that direction. Failing that I’d go through the carb and make sure there’s nothing blocked.


I had an issue with an Nzeta not charging as it should and found that if the battery is not charged fully before it’s installed it won’t work properly. Also just check all your connections in the wiring loom, especially the ones to and from the battery. Any resistance there will cause grief.  Stating the obvious here but  it’s a positive earth system, make sure it’s connected the right way.


That’s my 2 cents, hopefully it’ll give you somewhere to start. Anyone else have anything to add?