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oldmgs # Posted on October 24, 2016 at 9:53 am

Thanks Mike, very helpful. Good to know the gears are right – did not fancy taking it to bits again.

I am confused by the manual though – I have an originl 502 one and it says on page 20 “… shift into bottom gear with you left foot by depressing on rear part of the gear change lever” then to change up “… depress the front part of the lever” then …”When changing down depress the rear part of the lever.” Were export ones configured differently?

Timing sounds like a good place to start – I did take out and clean the carb yesterday, but it was all clear. I wonder if I have the needle in the correct position – what level should it be at?

The battery is new and was fully charged. With the solid state rectifier you have to change to negative earth which I did – and “flashed” the generator. But I will check the wiring again to make sure the neg is going to earth.

Anyway I will deal with the sarting issue first.

Best wishes