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oldmgs # Posted on November 6, 2016 at 4:14 pm

So, I have bought a nice grunty 14Ah battery, enlarged the hole in the seat box and fitted that. Starter still did not work – then it did! Then it didn’t, then it did again. So sometimes it works and somtimes it doesn’t. But anyway at least I know it works. It could be the ignition switch. I bought a new one from a guy in Oz, but everytime I put it in the panel it blew the fuse. He had no more, but said he would fix it if I sent it back- which I did – and it no longer blows fuses and everything else it is meant to do it does – lights etc. But perhaps a bad contact in there. Anyone know of a suouce of these switches with the starter position?

Anyway, I do have a kick start and bigger issue is that it still almost impossible to start unless I squirt a bit of fuel in the plug hole, but even then it will not run for more that 30 sec or so. I tried moving the timing plate a bit left and right, but did not seem to help. There is a nice fat spark at the plug.

I checked the carb needle was in the right groove. I do have another nice looking carb I could try – but it is a 501 engine carb with no choke, just the float depressor (my engine is a 502). Will that carb work with my engine?

Any JAWA mecahnics in Auckland!