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oldmgs # Posted on March 19, 2018 at 12:20 pm

So, I checked the wiring and could find no evidence of a short, and it would start and run on the small scooter battery I bought before I got the 14.4 Amp Motobatt one. So I bought a new battery  Рsame Motobatt one, looked at different makes but all too tall. Installed the battery and first thing is that the starter started working again! I had thought that it had probably stopped working because of a fault in the starter, but it now seems that the original battery must have been short of power Рan internal short perhaps. I left it sitting for a few hours and no sign of heat in the battery, cable or rectifier Рwhich were all hot when the blow up occurred. So perhaps I overcharged it РI did run it flat when I was having starting problems.

So kick start now back under the seat.