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Blair # Posted on June 5, 2018 at 9:07 pm

Hi all

Have bought this battery (below), same as I had on the 502 scoot prior to tear down and paint etc..

Motobatt MBTX14AU    12V
135mm long 90mm wide 168mm high or 176mm high with 8mm base spacer

$118 Trade Me, free delivery.  About the best I could find.

Starts with Dyna Start pretty easily.  Seems pretty grunty, am trying to treat it well and not run it down too much, and am waiting on chrome, so have not ridden the scoot yet and put it under load .

It fits in snugly in home made cage in front of where you toes would be on other side of leg sheilds.   Same as they were originally on NZeta’s I guess, I just have not had an original battery holder cage to use or copy, but always thought it was 1 x 6 volt battery on each side… in front of toes etc…
Have put mine on left side, but either side would have worked fine due to plenty of space.

Will shout with an update once riding and fully tested.