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nzeta_mike # Posted on August 28, 2018 at 10:44 am

Hi Blair,


I have been through this process a few times, it’s straight forward enough but they do make you jump through a few hurdles.

First thing to do is get as much background information on your bike as possible. Trade me auctions are not enough, they want history. A letter from the people you bought it off, any photos they might have would help, the history they know of it, anything like that helps. What you are looking to do is effectively build up a background to the bike to show it is an NZ bike. Saying “Nzeta’s were only made in NZ and not exported” doesn’t carry any weight (I tried). They’re simple folk with boxes that need ticking. I haven’t heard of one being rejected, as long as you give them as much info as you can you should be fine.


Once you get that approved, get an authenticity statement and lighting exemption from the Vintage car club. Costs around $100 and can take up to a month to turn around. Then head down for your re-vin. QED.