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Jim # Posted on May 10, 2012 at 7:46 pm

I have been in contact with Andy via email and he reckoned if I put new fuel and a battery into the 502 it should go…….eventually. Technically I’m supposed to be finishing my wifes Bajaj 150 before I do anything else, but while she’s away surely that doesn’t count ? A quick drive down to super cheap autos to buy a 12v battery and an overnight charge later, we are good to go. I’m not sure what the premix is for this but I guesstimated on the high side and put a couple of litres of fuel in the tank. I pumped up the tyres with the air compressor I got from super cheap from sante last year then installed the battery. The motor turns over quite slowly and at first I thought it must be crook however it just seems to be the way the starter system works, anyway 5 minutes later I just had a lot of fuel on the garage floor and she just didn’t want to start. I pushed it round the section and up and down the driveway for a bit but quickly learnt 3 things from that:
1. Its very heavy
2. It doesn’t turn corners very quickly
3. The brakes don’t work !!
Oh well worth a crack. I pushed it back into the garage and turned the fuel off and decided to check the spark plug. It must be a design flaw or these scooters came with a special plug spanner thingy because none of mine would fit over it as the frame is in the way. Eventually I found a 7/16 ring spanner that did the trick. The plugs in real good nick and has fuel on it…..hmmm, test it for spark and its surprisingly bright so thats good. Disconnected the fuel hose from the tap and checked both those, seems all good. OK, push it outside and try it again. By now its dark and the wife will be home soon so boy was I surprised when it almost started. Long story short it eventually fired up, the lights worked and I went for a slow ride along the road and back in first gear. RESULT !

It took a while for the smoke to clear out of the garage but – she goes.