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GregP # Posted on October 18, 2012 at 12:36 pm

I think I’d use the Nzeta rear brake. It’s not that powerful but the Nzeta has a relatively short
wheelbase so under heavy braking it’s not going to have much weight on it (if any 🙂
Have thought about making the front brake twin leading shoe but I would need another
brake plate etc to do that. As the rear is the same as the front you could make it TLS.
BTW I’ve never seen engine mount tubes as big as the Nzetas on anything smaller than a V8.
They are of course a stuctural part of the body/frame.
Front end: steering head is a quite hefty tube – it could be strengthened by fotting a steel rod
up the centre. Leading link suspension is superior to telescopic forks, that’s why it keeps reappearing
from time to time – it’s only buyers who demand teles.