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nzeta_mike # Posted on May 14, 2012 at 11:27 pm

I would like another disc on the rear, but as yet unsure what wheel to use. I have seen alloy motard pitbike wheels, but I’m still looking at other options. Have a search on under the wheels section for an idea of what you can get, they may even be good for upgrading a standard nzeta to disc brakes?
The triumph swingarm is beening used as i needed a fairly substantial twin shock swingarm made from round tube. This should make it easier to shorten to the certifiers specs. It didn’t need to be a triumph, it’s just what i came across first that fit my criteria.
Yeah, this project has been brewing for a few years. I did a Lambretta with all the expensive engine bits on it which was supposed to be my fast scooter, but i’m a little spoiled working with modern motorcycles, and it’s not properly fast. The Nzeta is going to fast. Proper fast.