Nzeta 502 Ian

Nzeta 502 Ian

Latest pictures from Ian, across the ditch with his 502.


IMG_0779 Nzeta 502 Ian


IMG_0818 IMG_0819

About Jim

I like the simplicity of scooters, their classic design and the quirky people that ride and restore them.
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  1. bear says:

    Just a few comments on the long, long restoration! I had a similar task to that of Douglas’ 501 in the the body had truck loads of rust. Two new foot boards went in. Bit of a long story, but because it was so rusty I acquired a 501 body with the objective of getting one decent scooter. But I couldn’t do it, so now have mist of a 501 to follow the 502. I’ve got an engine, quite a bit of NOS stock but am missing the forks and associated bits and pieces. But! I do have a NOS clock for it! I’m after parts! Biggest problem I have now with 502, apart from severe lack of time, is chrome trim! Mine was severely rusted and I’ve not yet found anyone in Perg willing to consider restoring it. If anyone has chrome trims fir 501s and 502s please let me know! Mine is now ready for fuel, wiring and minor bits and bobs (that bloody trim!). But I should be able to get it registered. Was aiming for my birthday of 9/5/15 as that would have been close to 50 years after I registered my first NZeta in Wellington as a school kid! It was a roughy 501. Fixed up under guidance, from an insurance write off. Brush painted black! But what freedom fir a 15 yo. Trips up the coast and eventually all the way to Wanganui!

  2. Jim says:

    Hey Bear,

    No one has much time at the moment. Its winter here now and bloody freezing in the shed at night.

    By severely rusted are they broken or full of holes or something that they cant be re-chromed?

    I think I may have some trims that go along the sides of the fuel tank but not sure about the headlight surround – either way you would need to get them re-chromed.

    Nice to see another Taurus interested in NZetas – hope its not another dodgy insurance write off though – LOL

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