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Blair # Posted on June 19, 2014 at 8:33 pm

Nice one regarding the transfer costs.  Gotta say I get a little peeved every time I do an international bank transfer (not often). My bank charges $25 and probably wins on exchange rate too, and then cannot tell you and will not find out what the bank charge is at the other end.  So the first time I bought from Motoren, not all the money arrived so had to make another transaction, and that time sent extra, which did not get taxed by bank there.   Hmm, one of those things I guess.

Do you have another way or ideas to make these payments cheaper when the merchant does not take credit card oldmsgs?

Yep Neil is British, Manchester if I remember rightly. Nice bloke huh, clever buggar to boot, I got the sprocket chain guard pieces and some other second hand parts… bloody hard to come across some of em, and he had heaps, many of almost everything.  Hes good to deal with and a great contact to have.