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Jim # Posted on October 13, 2014 at 10:31 am

johncas where are you based?

You have a vintage scooter so you are now a mechanic. Google is your friend as most 2 stroke motors run the same and have the same issues.

You may have a combination of problems with your scooter and you just have to work your way through them to eliminate the issues one by one.

You could try these basic things and report back how you get on:

1. replace your spark plug with a new one – just use another one the same as you have now. (you will always need a spare)

2. The 20:1 fuel mixture probably isn’t the issue but you will need to service the carburetor to discount it. clean out your carburetor, with an compressed air gun or similar and use new fuel/oil. check for fuel leaks, broken gaskets, blocked air filter, crap in the fuel tank etc.

3. check your points – this is something you may need help with depending on how keen you are to do the work yourself but as a start just take the cover off and see if anything is loose or if its full of crap spray some CRC in there and give everything a clean.

Once you have made progress with getting the motor to run and rev, while in neutral, you may then be able to work on the clutch to see if you have an issue there.

Lets know how you get on.