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GregP # Posted on September 30, 2015 at 11:11 am

Hi, I’m just a bit doubtful that a 350 cc engine could be fitted into an Nzeta. The 250 cc one would fit with some alterations such as a cut-out into the seat luggage space and perhaps some reshaping around the footboards. The width over two barrels would surely be greater than the inside width of the Nzeta body? Trimmed find on the 350? The crankcase/gearbox ‘egg’ on the Nzeta is slightly up inside the body but the 350 is a cylinder wider so it would have to sit lower.

i did once experiment with an old 350 motor  in my CZ 175 motorbike, it fitted straight in except for the speedo cable which aligned with a frame tube, but there was of course no body work. Anyone got a spare 350 cc motor for me to try? 🙂