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Blair # Posted on October 6, 2015 at 11:20 pm

Hi guys, have a look at this site.

There may have been variations of the 502 as production progressed creating the 02.  Shout if you find out some of the possible upgrades apart from what is listed in the website above.

In NZ we got the 501/05 and 502/00.

The 502/01 was 6 volt and no starter, I don’t believe we got any here, but who’s to say.  Some Cezetas we shipped over later or individually, but all Nzeta’s were assembled here. Not sure if all 502/00’s were the “Supreme” model, but definitely some were, with the Supreme decal on the sides in front of leg shields.  I have some paperwork on this somewhere, will check one day.

There was a Cezeta 503 prototype, I think they made maybe 2 or 3, pretty cool looking,  and fairly sure an old bloke in Prague has one or knows where it is. His name is Mojmir Sovak, hes the grandaddy of restoring them over there.  Last I heard he’d restored 30-40 odd.

Cheers all.