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Blair # Posted on April 1, 2016 at 10:17 pm

Hi Jim

Ta for the prompt, should have posted already 🙂

Went and collected the parts lot, from a chap who used to race Jawa 350’s and later 250’s.  One bummer was the fairly together looking 350 engine in one of the pictures on Trade Me, was not there.  Not enough 350 internals in the lot to get an engine together either.

Did get several engine cases, 1 x 350 and a couple of 250 ones, 350 and 250 barrels and a whole heap of disassembled engine and frame parts.

Think it may be possible to put together the 250 race engine, reed valves and expansion chambers and shit, to stick in the old race bike frame that came with the parts lot.  Be looking to sell that for whatever its worth.

Have another 250 that looks like it can go into an NZeta fairly easily, twin exhaust like a 501 engine.  It is bigger and longer but should be able to adapt the engine mounts to get it in.  It came with an alloy 250 barrel, and a steel one, so should be able to play around and tune a wee bit and maybe get the scoot up over 100 kph easily enough… yeah right!

See how it goes but that is sorta the plan…  could easily be changed along the way.  (Like chuck out the old engine and put a modern one in).

Must get some pics up of the 502 Supreme resto on the go at the mo, and then this 502 250 project.