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Blair # Posted on April 1, 2016 at 11:20 pm

Yeah exactly, fairly interchangeable parts, and things like sticking perhaps incorrect badges and stuff on just gave them character.

From what I know, and as always am happy to be corrected, there were no 501 Supreme’s, just the later 502 models had that badge. (501’s ceased to be made on Czech by then, but maybe NZ had old stock or such like) Pretty sure they are model 502/00 L . It’s like that on one rusty as, but original 502 I have.

I thought all NZetas had the battery location mod, to be in front of the legshields. Cezeta’s never had this on any model so that is one definite NZeta mod.  Again we could have had other imports of Cezeta’s or luggage compartments, from Czech with it already like that I guess.

There is a particular indicator switch, have a look at the 1st link, then 2nd link goes over it… not many of these for sale anywhere.   They go up on the right handle bar.  There should be a little hole in the handle bar just in from the throttle, (near to where an outstretched thumb could reach to), the plastic cover over the switch locates in that hole.  Just cant find a decent pic of a switch in action right now.