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philotago # Posted on June 18, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Hi Blair,
I had pipes made for an Ariel twin 1950, also for Zenith 1938. I went to Magoo muffler and Brake, in Dunedin. They sent the patterns [I made these out of old pipe, roughly tacked together with gas fusion welds] to Chch, and they got scanned into thier computer. The machine, guided by computer, bent up stainless pipes with perfect equal diam bends [no crimped or variation in curve – curves tidy as] for $100 each.
Now I have a computer file number, and can quote that to get another pipe if either I damage one, or someone else wants one. If you used the same service, anyone wanting a tidy pipe in good stainless only need quote the file no. Price may have gone up, as it was 8-10 years ago, but I have not seen better pipes, nor had better service.
Cheers, Phil, Otago.