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Blair # Posted on June 18, 2014 at 8:32 pm

Funnily enough have placed an order with Motoren today and paid by bank transfer. Have ordered the AEV regulator/rectifier, from the link some posts back, so hopefully can tell you how it works in a few weeks 🙂  By the way Motoren were great, fast and have good English… only too happy to help.  I rate them.

Have a few bits coming I can’t remake, like most rubber bits, indicator sets and one or two other bits.

Fortunately went to Czech republic last year whilst in Europe and met with the chap who owns Cezeta s.r.o, (from this link below)

He is a very good guy, took me to his workshop and I bought some parts and saw his range of doer uppers and the new electric engined Cezeta.  Very inspiring and great to see so many Cezetas of differing models side by side, including a 3 wheeler.  Overall he wants to get steady business going with Cezeta, he is the sole owner and has some great ideas for the future.  Only thing I wanted was lower prices of his parts 😉  He’s got lots of parts, second hand too if your not finding brand new.