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GregP # Posted on October 18, 2012 at 12:47 pm

Hi Jim, I have, but none I want to show anyone! Bits of Nzeta spread around the garage ….
Forgot to say in my posting: my first Nzeta was a 1963 model, purchased in 1966/67 – my very first bike. It cost $60- which was rather a lot of money for a lad at highschool.
Unfortunately the lure of a bigger bike took hold after I started work so the Nzeta got sold 🙁
My ’62 will be it’s replacement.
Since then I lost my right leg to an unlicenced driver so I’ve got to make a few changes to the Nzeta controls. Will make the left handlebar grip a twist grip somewhat like a Vespa to get first/neutral and two levers for clutch and rear brake. Alternatively I might fit solenoids and push buttons for first/neutral. (bit hard to use the foot change when using my foot/leg for balance)