Nzeta 501 Douglas

Nzeta 501 Douglas

The front suspension back together with new shock and rubber.Nzeta 501 Douglas

Lots of bits and pieces media blasted and powder coated in as near original colour as I could find.

Brakes relined

New tires bought and wheels rebuilt using nice shiny stainless nuts and bolts.

Aluminum bits apart from engine media blasted – he used a fairly course grit and it is not a smooth as I would like, but guess it will not be seen.

Most of the trim obtained form Neil at, some new, some re chromed and some will need re chromed. He also supplied kick start, gear change rod, gear lever and foot brake – I had the latter two but were very pitted.

Petrol tank turned from colander to sealed tank – lot of holes, but POR 15 seems to have done the trick.

Nzeta parts 1Nzeta parts 2

Nzeta parts 3Nzeta parts 5








Bought another air filter housing from Trade Me with a what looks like a NOS metal filter. Guy came round – name of Martin Healy – is restoring an Nzeta.

Also bought a pair of good cleaned up crankcases on Trade Me – just in case

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I like the simplicity of scooters, their classic design and the quirky people that ride and restore them.
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5 Responses to Nzeta 501 Douglas

  1. Gords says:

    Great looking job Jim, soon the fun part putting it back together.
    Your rubber suspension parts look new – did you have some NOS items, or get them from overseas. I have a couple of scoots that are getting closer to the workbench!

  2. Jim says:

    Hello Gords,

    Douglas is restoring the NZeta and is based in Auckland and has just sent in the pics and stuff for his rebuild. I was lucky enough to catch up with him when I was up there a while ago but he wasn’t this far on with it, so great progress.

    He showed me a BSA Bantam that he had restored over 2 years and that was in mint condition so I’m looking forward to see what he does with the NZeta.

    The suspension blocks are new and were done by a man Douglas found locally. He can replace the rubber and bond it to the metal strip for a reasonable price. I will send you his email address if you want to get a quote. Looks like he does a pretty good job.

    Please send me some photos and a description of what you are doing with your projects so I can add them here for others to see.



    • scroter says:

      Great stuff. I have a 501 ready for a resto also, and am planning on stripping and painting the undercarriage myself. Good to see someone else’s efforts as an inspiration.
      Will see how rubber etc looks once I get into it, may give it a burst over Easter…

    • tallsteve says:

      Hi Jim,
      I am really interested in the rubber suspension bits that you had made – mine are cracking badly.
      Could you supply the email address of the guy who did them please. I am guessing that you had to send him the metal parts already painted and ready to go so he can stick the rubber to them or did you fit the rubber first and then paint them?
      Thanks in advance

  3. Jim says:

    Hello Steve,

    Douglas got his done by, Euan Seymour

    Contact him directly as to the painting.



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