Cezeta 501 Jim

Cezeta 501 Jim

Progress with the 501 has been slow but things are starting to take shape. I’m doing a dry run to see what bits I still need to get for it before getting it painted. The donor bike still has a few parts left on it and I’m using the wiring as a guide.

20160328_160332 20160328_163501 20160328_164201 Nzeta 501 Jim 20160328_164241 20160328_170119 20160328_170907 20160328_170947 20160328_171308 20160328_171319 20160328_172228 20160328_172258 20160328_172436 20160329_155746 20160329_160207_001 cezeta 501 jim

About Jim

I like the simplicity of scooters, their classic design and the quirky people that ride and restore them.
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  1. les Carter says:

    Hi Jim, I am looking for side chrome pieces for my 501 nzeta scooter.
    2 side chrome pieces on side of the fuel tank and joins onto Headlight surround.
    2 side chrome pieces Lower front guard.
    2 side chrome pieces Lower rear guard.
    Thank you, Jim,

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