NZeta 502 Blair

NZeta 502 Blair

This 502 model NZeta scooter, was for sale on Trade Me in Kaponga, not far from me in New Plymouth. Turns out it was owned by Roy King, bit of a legend when it comes to old cars, motorbikes, scooters, so was great to meet him and see his projects, and all the weird and wonderful vehicles in his ever changing collection. I had a 501 at the time, but had sold a bigger road bike to fund the hobby, so had more to spend,  so did a buy now with Roy.  It was missing a heap of parts, although the body seemed in OK nick.  It basically had enough parts to make a rolling chassis, and not much more.

A chap saw me online at JawaChat site and rang up from the other side of Mt Egmont, saying he had a motor and and some other bits.  The engine was covered in crap, missing the conrod and piston, but at least intact… I have seen so many engine casings with damage, especially near the front sprocket, but this one was really good. Got the rod and new piston from Alan Cleaver, as many other NZeta and Jawa bike owners have.  A nice chap is Alan, always happy to help, knows his stuff backwards.


Rest of the parts came from all over.  Czech auction site Aukro for the hard to find 502 chain guard, and then Motoren, Jawashop, etovar, and was in Prague a couple of years ago and met Neil, the owner of Cezeta in CZech republic, and got a few bits from him.  He was at the start of putting electric motors into Cezeta bodies, so was good to talk about his ideas, which have since taken off, check his company out online.

I got the engine rebored with the new piston, made a new header pipe that avoids the side stand completely, did all the panel work and painting myself, made the wiring loom and soldered all connections, cleaned buffed and polished for what seemed forever. I am using 1x 12 volt battery and it’s working well, provided the rest of the system is clean and brushes and commutator in good working nick.  I have just replaced two worn brushes and this made an instant difference to charging and dyna-starting.

The nice thing about riding this is that everything is tight, no rattles and clunks, all bearings and seals everywhere have been replaced, inside engine and all wheels etc…  Brake shoes are new and the drums work fine when adjusted well ( i found some new old stock shoes still in great nick, not perished or dried out), and all rubber parts are correct except the chain guard strap.

All in all, I bought this body 9 years ago, then bought our first house and had kids.  I also did a full restoration on a 501 since then too, but none of anything was really done in quick time, just when time allowed.  With this 502, every now and then I gathered up new info, or spotted parts I needed for cheap… finally I got the dosh and time to finish this. 

NZeta 502 Blair NZeta 502 Blair  

This of all projects completed, is the most satisfying, I guess just for all the hours put into parts searching and overall taking so long.  I have been fortunate to meet all sorts of inspiring and helpful Jawa and NZeta people since I first got into NZeta’s about 10 years ago, so shout if I can perhaps help anyone else.

Now for the 350cc J-Zeta, that is the next project (along with a rusty Mini), hope it does not take another 5 years though. 


Will post progress.  

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I like the simplicity of scooters, their classic design and the quirky people that ride and restore them.
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5 Responses to NZeta 502 Blair

  1. wazza2222 says:

    Fantastic work and a brilliant result! Well done mate.

  2. Jim says:

    Love your work Blair.

    9 years – there is hope for us all!!

    Looking forward to the next J-Zeta update.



  3. Taxindatookit says:

    I loved it so much I had to have it lol

  4. mike says:

    hi ya, im looking for a front hub for my 502
    do you know where to get one ?

  5. John says:

    hi Blair
    Great job you’ve done there. do you use it now?
    Have you any idea where to get a couple of the Supreme emblems.
    By the way have many bits and what I think is a 501 barrel (twin exhausts) and piston 50.5mm

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