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Blair has this on Trade Me at the moment – here

  • 1964 NZeta 502 00 L Supreme
  • Full nut and bolt restoration completed in 2018/19.
  • Registration completed last week. Has 12 month Registration and brand new WOF.
  • Has VCC authenticity certificate, brake cert, and letter from NZTA identifying it as original and legal.

The bike is in excellent condition and goes very well. He has made a great job of restoring this. If you are looking for a 502 to add to your collection, then I would recommend this. Both myself and another member have viewed and ridden this bike.

Blair is in that situation that a lot of us find ourselves in, where we need to sell something, to continue on with other projects.

Good luck with the sale Blair, I really hope it goes to a good home.

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I like the simplicity of scooters, their classic design and the quirky people that ride and restore them.
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  1. Taxindatookit says:

    It certainly went to a good home!

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