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I like the simplicity of scooters, their classic design and the quirky people that ride and restore them.

JNZ Manufacturing foil Labels

I have found a company that can reproduce the original JNZ Manufacturing foil labels with the adhesive back on them. I know you can get the Cezeta labels but then they are not for NZetas ! I am getting some … Continue reading

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NZeta 501 for sale

Peter in Auckland is looking to sell this 501. He doesn’t know if it runs or not and has been in storage for quite some time as below: “Not sure if it runs, never tried. Been stored for nearly nearly … Continue reading

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JZeta Badge

Blair sent this in recently and like his scooters, it looks pretty good to me.

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J-Zeta Blair update 1

Blair’s latest update on his J-Zeta engine. The Jawa 350 (04) Kyvacka engine is now back together after lots of fettling. I had issues with small things, like neutral switch and gear selector mechanism being off a later model, which … Continue reading

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Taranaki Hardcore

Recently we rode our Vespa scooters from Wellington to New Plymouth where we caught up with Blair. He showed us his restored 502, progress on the J-Zeta 350 and other projects he had on the go, in his shed. The … Continue reading

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NZeta 350

Recently I was contacted by Ken, who was a member of the Auckland Motor Scooter Club back in the sixties. He had found the posts in relation to the NZeta 350 – An NZeta scooter that had been re-powered with … Continue reading

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Scotty’s NZeta 501

A piece of New Zealand history. Restored NZETA scooter with a bit of history. Used as a workshop runabout for a few years then sat in a shed from around 1980 until 2008. Restoration started 2008 and finished in 2012. … Continue reading

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J-Zeta Blair update

J-Zeta Blair update. Blair recently sent me some more pictures of his J-Zeta 350 project and provided some good information for anyone looking at doing this or having to rebuild the front of a 501/502. There is nothing too major … Continue reading

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NZeta 502 Blair

NZeta 502 Blair This 502 model NZeta scooter, was for sale on Trade Me in Kaponga, not far from me in New Plymouth. Turns out it was owned by Roy King, bit of a legend when it comes to old cars, … Continue reading

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Cezeta 501 Jo

Cezeta 501 Jo Jo has sent these pics in for his Cezeta 501 restoration. good luck with it Jo.

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NZeta 502 Type plates

Mark is looking at getting new NZeta 502 Type plates made up, as per the plate below. The standard Czech 501 type plates are available online. If you are interested in getting some reproduced than let me know through the … Continue reading

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NZeta Badge

NZeta Badge Mark has had some new badges made and they are currently for sale. Let me know if you are interested.    

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The New Zealand Motorcycle Show

Congratulations to Douglas, who got a merit award for his restored NZeta at the NZ Motorcycle Show this year, in Auckland.    

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J-Zeta Blair

J-Zeta info here – Blair has a rusty old 502 body that he has been working on and is looking at putting a Jawa 350 twin engine in it as some NZeta owners did back in the 60’s. The … Continue reading

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Cezeta 501 Steve

Cezeta 501 Steve Steve sent in some pics of his 1959,  Cezeta 501 – 03 that he is currently restoring.    

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Nzeta 501 Douglas

Nzeta 501 Douglas Douglas’ N-Zeta 501 (with 502 engine) restoration -the final chapter I you have been paying attention you may remember that I “finished” my N-Zeta before Xmas. It ran, but was very hard to start – only way … Continue reading

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Nzeta 501 Exhausts

Nzeta 501 Exhausts Paul found a complete set of exhausts here on this site and they look great. The header pipes are bent differently between the 501 and the 502 in case you are wondering why they dont fit.

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NZeta 501 Douglas

This is the latest update from Douglas with the scooter looking very smart. I really like the white fern, a very nice touch. Sounds good and only a few minor things to sort out. Good job.      

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Another NZeta back from the dead!

Not too many NZetas in Fremantle! Still a way to go, to get it registered, but it STARTS!  

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Nzeta 501 Elton

Nzeta 501 Elton This NZeta 501 belonging to Elton looks in pretty good shape, It will be good to see how far he goes with it.

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